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Proximity Marketing Examples: 28 Retail Companies Nailing it with their Campaigns

In this blog post, we will teach you everything you need to know about beacons. What are they? In what way can you use them?

TECH CRUNCH – Apr 10 – Mingleton is a new mobile dating app that uses iBeacon technology to help singles connect only with people in their immediate.

At the App Ideas, we build a wide array of sophisticated and advanced mobile apps equipped with iBeacon and the latest range of location-specific technologies. Some of the key iBeacon app development services include the following. We utilize iBeacons for building sophisticated vehicle tracking apps. Documents Transfer We use iBeacons in apps for transferring documents from one device to another that help app users to stay in sync while accessing documents.

Location Based Services We use iBeacons to provide a variety of location-based services through mobile apps. Mobile Payments We also use iBeacons to integrate sophisticated and user-friendly mobile payment interface within apps and ensure smooth payment processing. Location-Based Promotions We also utilize this technology for the retail and business specific promotions targeted towards customers located nearby the stores. Are you thinking about what are the key factors that keep us ahead with our successful iBeacon app development expertise?

Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the leading app development companies with an array of iBeacon and other location-centric apps. Well, there is a number of reasons to choose us for your iBeacon app development requirements. We boast of years of frontline experience in iBeacon app development and have the expertise to build any challenging app with the technology.

Is this the future of online dating?

Apple’s breakthrough technology can change everything! We promise to never do this to you! Revolution in dating and social life is here! GPS is so yesterday! Let’s start creepin! We be breaking ice everywhere!!

iBeacons are the underdog of iOS 7. The app comes with a new angle for iBeacon technology: taking attendance in the Tinder and dating sites in general.

You step inside Walmart and your shopping list is transformed into a personalized map, showing you the deals that’ll appeal to you most. You pause in front of a concert poster on the street, pull out your phone, and you’re greeted with an option to buy tickets with a single tap. You go to your local watering hole, have a round of drinks, and just leave, having paid—and tipped! Welcome to the world of iBeacon. It sounds absurd, but it’s true: Here we are in , and one of the most exciting things going on in consumer technology is Bluetooth.

Indeed, times have changed. This isn’t the maddening, battery-leeching, why-won’t-it-stay-paired protocol of yore.

5 industries that iBeacon will disrupt

Get the top mobile marketing webisodes straight to your inbox! Beacons are here to stay. This year alone beacons are set to influence over 4 billion US dollars of retail sales, and that number is set to grow tenfold by next year. At Pulsate, we get asked a lot about beacons.

Guest Education, dating, sports — here’s a look at how iBeacon promises to change a lot more than your shopping experience.

The door unlocks and lets you in. As you enter your bedroom the lights turn on, then off again as you leave. With the use of beacons users would be able to have notifications triggered on their device alerting them to the location of an accessible entrance, or details of impending environmental factors like steps or uneven surfaces, which are then read to users by the inbuilt iOS screen reader functionality. Presenters will be able to engage with their audiences in new ways. For the concert goer, tickets could open as they approach the entrance, maps showing their location in relation to stages and facilities, a find-your-friend feature for when they get swallowed up by the mosh pit… just a few possibilities.

And for the performers, engaging audience participation in their performance by triggering device screens to change color for stunning visual effects. Imagine being able to create a Coldplay style experience without the need for a Coldplay sized budget. Finding your car in a busy car park is another commonly stated use for iBeacon technology. How about a beacon on your bike after all, LabWerk is based in Amsterdam.

Pretty much any case where you want to find something, iBeacon technology could help. As the beacons become smaller, maybe we can put one on our key ring or in our television remotes and never lose them again. Just another idea that has real potential thanks to iBeacon technology.

Tap-On Dating

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iBeacon, Eddystone and AltBeacon scanner with beautiful material design. Scans and shows details about every iBeacon, Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM frames).

However, a number of major companies and brands have already been using beacons to provide their customers with new and exciting location-based services. Apple was always going to be the first major brand to go all-in with beacons. Using Bluetooth beacons, the Apple Store is able to send notifications to customers about a number of things, from order and repair completions, to Genius Bar appointments, to iPhone upgrade eligibility and beyond.

Apple even wants customers to read reviews for different products and shop for device accessories right from their phone. In essence, Apple is blending the in-store and online shopping experiences into one, which means that beacons might just be able to help with the notorious crowd problems that tend to plague Apple retail stores. In spring , Major League Baseball launched iBeacon by outfitting most of its stadiums with hundreds of iBeacon antennas.

The idea was to give fans anywhere in the stadiums a chance to check in at games and receive a number of relevant push notifications. So far, the MLB has done a great job of using beacons to enhance the ticket-buyer experience at games—whether by highlighting must-see attractions and points-of-interest in the ballpark for first-time visitors, or by regaling guests with fan merchandise coupons, concessions offers, seat upgrades, and more.

10 Things About Bluetooth Beacons and Your Mobile App You Need to Know

Apple’s Grand Central store is easily one of the most beautiful retail locations you’ll ever see. It’s also a place where you can now walk in, pick up a boxed Apple TV device, buy it and walk out without ever talking to an Apple salesperson or even visiting a checkout counter. It’s possible, I’ve seen it done. Sources tell me that while the feature was little more than a label on one of the many screens shown during the keynote, interest was high.

Now, nearly a year later, it looks like iBeacon is poised to change the way iPhone owners interact with stores, parks, venues, museums and more.

The App Ideas is a leading iBeacon App Development Company in India, offering end-to-end best iBeacon App Joe Nicolas, Owner of Privilege Dating App.

Concept of IoT, a decade ago was a revolution that transformed the complete phase of the digital and physical world. A newly introduced Beacon is a compact, low powered, and micro-location based hardware device, capable of utilizing the weakest signals equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy BLE. Mobile applications based on Beacon are responsible to deliver right contextual location, time, and audience engagement in very low energy signals. And what is iBeacon?

To maintain the rapport of the iOS 7 devices, Apple introduced the low powered transmitters with a similar concept of Beacon. Combining with niche technologies, such as Big data, Cloud, Fog, and ML — we believe in providing the new-gen experiences to our clients. NameDrop is the free app that lets you easily and securely share your info with others, instantly!

Priority Lane Management PLM is the Mobile application for the agent of the organization to check their schedules of the day and authenticate themselves to work on particular location. But, what is Beacon? Are you looking for a mobile app solution for your business? Have a word with our expert.

iBeacon App Development Company

Live Beacon is a small, battery-powered, cloud-controlled device that transmits web content to smartphones and tablets up to 30 meters feet away. You can change all of a beacon’s settings via the cloud portal website, from any web browser, anywhere in the world. A Live Beacon starter pack include everything you need to get beaconing! When you’re ready for a larger deployment, beacons can be ordered in bulk. And if the Live Beacon app doesn’t tick all your boxes, we also undertake bespoke projects built on top of our technology.

Serve Customers Through Highly Personalised iBeacon Apps. iBeacon technology is developed for offering a personalized user experience. It works on both.

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