Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman – Rec 1968 – NL – 1973

Wynne Davis. British musician Peter Green, guitarist and co-founder of rock band Fleetwood Mac, circa Green’s family announced his death on Saturday. Representatives from the firm Swan Turton released a statement from Green’s family on Saturday saying, “It is with great sadness that the family of Peter Green announce his death this weekend, peacefully in his sleep. A further statement will be provided in the coming days. Green was known for his blues guitar sound even prior to the forming of Fleetwood Mac. Mick Fleetwood released a statement on Saturday noting Green’s fundamental place in the band’s history. No one has ever stepped into the ranks of Fleetwood Mac without a reverence for Peter Green and his talent, and to the fact that music should shine bright and always be delivered with uncompromising passion!!! I will miss you, but rest easy your music lives on.

Clips & Pix: Fleetwood Mac/Black Magic Woman

The above clip was captured in Tulsa, Okla. According to setlist. Only a couple of years later, it became a signature song and major hit for Santana. Supposedly, there were artistic disagreements between him and the band about the tour, which was then in the planning stages. But the speed with which that decision was made is remarkable, especially when it comes to a longtime member like Buckingham, who had been with Fleetwood Mac for a total of 38 years, if my math is correct.

He already departed once before in and returned in

A good Retrospective of album tracks from the Peter Green years of Fleetwood Mac but to cover the hits you need the Compilation of the Singles called.

Jeremy Spencer joined on slide guitar and piano and then Danny Kirwan was added as a third guitarist. King said that Peter Green had more talent in his little finger than he had in his whole body and that he was the only guitar player who gave him cold sweats. It was a shame that Peter left Fleetwood Mac in the early s. They were a great high energy blues and rock and roll band. Listening to the early Fleetwood Mac recordings, it amazing how energetic the band played live on stage together.

Peter is up in Heaven now and I hope it was a peaceful transition. May Peter rest in peace. God bless him. Top debut single, peaking at No. Peter passed away on July 25 at the age of Collector Resources. Ask the Expert. Auction Calendar. Collector Profiles.

Fleetwood Mac’s 50 Greatest Songs

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1. Fleetwood Mac – Black magic woman / The sun is shining – CBS – – Netherlands – – 7″, 45RPM, Single 2. Fleetwood Mac – Shake your moneymaker.

Guest post by Lucy Donnelly. In the beginning there was nothing. Peter who? Who is he? Fleetwood Mac? No, this writer is obviously confused. Yes, the chicken came first alert the evolutionary scientists! Abandoning that admittedly-overly-drawn-out egg metaphor, Peter Allen Greenbaum aka.

Here’s the “Real” Fleetwood Mac Playing “Black Magic Woman” in 1974

Black Magic Woman Single March Added by anto Black Magic Woman written by Peter Green instrumental. Magic Woman written by Heinz Isenbug German.

“Black Magic Woman” is a song written by Peter Green that first appeared as a Fleetwood Mac single in various countries in , subsequently appearing on.

However, their version is actually a cover version. I did not know that until a short time ago when I discovered that the original was performed by Fleetwood Mac two years earlier. My world was rocked as I had no idea. Then there is a great guitar solo that comes in about a minute into the song and goes on for about 45 seconds.

It is really great and what would you expect from a guy that replaced Eric Clapton in another band. Play the two tracks side-by-side and they are identical, only the lyrics have been changed to protect the innocent. Just two years after the original, Santana added their own magic to the song. They turned the blues rock song into a Latin infused beast.

The extra percussion including congas and timbales to name a few that really change the whole sonics of the song. The little guitar riffs in the original are still there, but Carlos Santana changes them up a bit adding more flare and his own style. The whole Latin vibe really made you think of the woman being involved in Voodoo and added more mystery to the her which made the song a little more exciting.

Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac’s Founder, Is Dead at 73

The line, “Gotta keep ’em separated” in “Come Out And Play” by The Offspring came to lead singer Dexter Holland when he was a medical student and needed to keep bacteria samples away from each other. Did Eric Clapton really write “Cocaine” while on cocaine? This question and more in the Clapton edition of Fact or Fiction. The longtime Eagle talks about soaring back to his solo career, and what he learned about songwriting in the group. Since emerging from MySpace with her hit “Bubbly,” Colbie has become a top songwriter, even crafting a hit with Taylor Swift.

Notable singles included “Oh Well” and the Latin-flavored “Black Magic Woman,” later a hit for Carlos Santana. But as the band flourished.

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Original Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Peter Green Dies at 73

They were also about to fall apart, as Green was headed towards a mental breakdown and eventual abandonment of his group. The live set, then, could be seen as something of a swan song. The video here is the smoldering minor-key blues of Green’s “Black Magic Woman” made famous by Santana’s cover version. In , it became a hit by Santana, as sung by Gregg Rolie, reaching No. The page is my attempt to add a little colour to the cheeks of the past.

Running the page is a one-man operation.

Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac on Black Magic Woman (Single) from The Current.

Having had a few line-up changes over the years, we’ve taken a look at the band’s history and the story of how the band has developed since they originally formed in Put simply, Fleetwood Mac is one of the most popular bands in the world. Though many bands change their line-ups and sound over the years, few have done so as radically as Fleetwood Mac.

Indeed, drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie are the only two members who have been there since the start, so that should give you some idea of how they got their name. Peter sadly passed away in July However, by , both Bob Weston and Bob Welch were out, leaving Fleetwood Mac without a guitarist and a male vocalist. Mick Fleetwood spoke out about Lindsey Buckingham’s departure in January , confirming that they would never reunite again.

Following the departure of Bob Weston and Bob Welch, Mick Fleetwood was checking out a new recording studio in Los Angeles when he was played the debut album by singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and singer Stevie Nicks. The pair were invited to join the band, thanks to their ability to write well-crafted soft rock with a pop music bent.

On top of that, Mick Fleetwood was in the process of divorcing his wife Jenny, which then led to an affair with Stevie Nicks. But what an album! From there on in, Fleetwood Mac were then subject to a whole variety of line-up changes.

Black Magic Woman

He was The statement did not say where he died or what the cause was. Green drew deeply on American blues to build a style that could be menacingly propulsive or darkly melancholy.

Black Magic Woman. key:Dm,. artist:Fleetwood Mac. writer:Peter Green.

Donate Register Login Main Site. Hi all, Been playing the blues lately and decided to give “Black Magic Woman” a shot. Not the Santana version, but as played by the late great Peter Green. There is a little story to this one. A few weeks back I was visiting my parents, and my dad had a Gibson Les Paul hanging that he wasn’t currently using.

Now, I’ve always been a Music Man guy, and have previously dismissed the Gibson guitars because of tuning issues and the way they are built.

Fabulous Flip Sides In Memoriam – Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder Peter Green

In , it became a hit by Santana, as sung by Gregg Rolie, reaching No. Although Welch was not a member of the group at the time of the original recording, he had performed a number of Peter Green’s songs during his time with them. Fleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band formed in in London. Due to numerous line-up changes, the only original member present in the band is its eponymous drummer, Mick Fleetwood. Despite band founder Peter Green naming the group by combining the surnames of two of his former bandmates Fleetwood, McVie from John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, bassist John McVie played neither on their first single nor at their first concerts.

Fleetwood Mac: A guide to the British-American rock legends ‘Little Lies’, ‘Oh Well’ and ‘Black Magic Woman’, Fleetwood Mac are of course also Put simply, Fleetwood Mac is one of the most popular bands in the world.

But take a poll at any of their shows and you’ll find that, many fans, even some who consider themselves die-hards, believe that Fleetwood Mac began with, well, Fleetwood Mac, the album that marked the debut of the iteration of the band fronted by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Of course, the Mac’s roots actually reach back almost a decade previous, to when singer and guitarist Peter Green formed the band around drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie and built them into a crack British blues-rock unit.

Between that time and the mid Seventies, the group cycled through an incredible number of members at one point picking up keyboardist Christine Perfect aka Christine McVie who remains with the band to this day as well as musical styles. These days, you’ll rarely hear any of the songs from this period of the band, which stretches from , on classic rock radio, and they’re completely absent from Fleetwood Mac’s present-day concerts.

And yet, there’s plenty of great music–maybe the best music– to be found in the early Mac, as exemplified by the baker’s dozen presented here. With its haunting guitar harmonics, pounding toms, and double-time outro jam—not to mention wailing lead licks from Green—”Black Magic Woman” stands as among the guitarist’s greatest blues compositions.

And yet, these days “Black Magic Woman” is more associated with Carlos Santana , who had a massive hit with his version in Indeed, Santana’s rendition, a lighter, more Latin-leaning take, is a bona fide classic as well.

Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman, Stereo 1968-73 CBS 45 record.